About us

With the rise of beer delivery services online in 2010, Instant Alcohol Delivery was born. We began as a single-page ad to prove that beer delivery was possible in Toronto. Remember the beginnings of the web:

We were fast to recognize the internet’s promise, and within a year, we had created a fully functional online shopping environment. Also, in 2010, the first Internet beer delivery business was launched.


Our mission has been to provide a sector that has existed before but has only sometimes been seen favourably with structure, authority, trust, and superior service. Several companies operate under the moniker “Dial A Bottle,” although all serve the same area of Ontario. Like how “Kleenex” has become a generic phrase for facial tissues, “Dial A Bottle” has become a generic term for the service. You will receive ten distinct businesses if you dial ten separate numbers from Dial-A-Bottle.


After establishing a solid foundation, we expanded throughout the province.


We have collaborated with other companies to provide our customers with even better service and more valuable discounts.


We do not increase prices by the 20–30% that our competitors do. We charge for shipping, and that is all.


Listen up, and let us help you prepare for Thursday night’s dinner, party, or COVID-19.


Cheers, and I hope to see you soon!